Total Purpose Concentrate

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Experience the Power of Concentration with CleanGo GreenGo Super Concentrate Refill

Experience unmatched efficacy with our original formula, now in eco-conscious Tetra Pak packaging. Despite its modest size, a little of our Super Concentrate Refill goes a long way. Designed for dilution, it's perfect for replenishing your supply or tackling even the most stubborn cleaning challenges at stronger concentrations. We recommend a discreet spot test first—this formula means serious business!

Embrace Savings and Sustainability

Embrace significant savings for both your wallet and the environment with CleanGo GreenGo Concentrated Tetra Paks.

Empowered by Advanced Science

Powered by the science of emulsification, our non-toxic and eco-friendly formula stands out by performing where other, more hazardous cleaners fall short. CleanGo GreenGo is distinguished by its:

  • Non-toxic Composition ✔️
  • Bio-renewable Origins 🌱
  • Safe for Pets and Children 👪
  • Free of Harsh Chemicals and Dangerous Ingredients 🚫
  • Biodegradable 🌍
  • No Butoxyethanol
  • No Volatile Organic Compounds
  • No Protective Gear Needed 🛡️

With CleanGo GreenGo’s thoroughly non-toxic nature, you can refresh and maintain your spaces with the assurance that both your family and pets remain safe from the risks of continuous chemical exposure.

Order Your CleanGo GreenGo Concentrate Today and Make a Positive Impact on Your Home and the Planet!