Gel Hand Sanitizer

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Clean Your Hands, Or Clean Surfaces.

Introducing the versatile CleanGo GreenGo Gel Hand Sanitizer, approved by both the FDA and Health Canada. Whether you’re on the go or at home, keep your hands and surfaces clean with our effective gel sanitizer.

Easy to Use and Carry Packaged in a handy flip-cap tube, our sanitizer is designed for ease of use. The robust 70% Ethyl Alcohol content efficiently targets viruses, ensuring your safety and health wherever you are.

Travel-Friendly Sizes Certified by Health Canada – NPN#80101778, this sanitizer comes in both 100 ml and 200 ml sizes, making it the perfect travel companion for everyday use and protection.


  • Dual-Purpose: Ideal for sanitizing both hands and surfaces.
  • High Alcohol Content: Contains 70% Ethyl Alcohol for maximum effectiveness against viruses.
  • FDA and Health Canada Approved: Meets stringent standards for safety and efficacy.
  • Portable: Available in convenient sizes that fit in your bag, car, or desk drawer.

Stay Protected On the Go With CleanGo GreenGo Gel Hand Sanitizer, you’re prepared to face daily challenges without compromise. Order yours today and ensure you and your loved ones remain safe and sanitized wherever life takes you.