The World’s Most
Powerful Non-Toxic &
Truly Green Cleaner.


Fuelled by the power of emulsification to
penetrate deeply for a molecular level clean.


Work smarter , not harder
That’s the CleanGo difference.



It will allow you to do your job and cleaning as soon as possible. Use the time you will waste by spending time with your family.


Thanks to its special formulas, it is not harmful to the planet. Protecting our environment and nature is our first priority. This is an indispensable mission

GreenGo is

We use only the greenest blended products to create today’s most effective non-toxic and non-caustic cleaner.


CleanGo GreenGo will never harm your colors. After use, your colors retain their liveliness like the first day.


Reclaim your space knowing your environment, your family and your pets are protected from exposure to harmful chemicals.

Green Cleaner, Natural Cleaning Products, Family Safe The Complete Package ValuePack

Get green cleaning power for your whole household in one package – including our Industrial, Fabric & Carpet, and Total Purpose cleaners, with our Total Purpose Super Concentrate, containing two full refills.

It’s our convenient green cleaner package, completely non-toxic, and planet-friendly. With effective, molecular-level deep cleaning that is family safe. Clear your cupboard of unhealthy chemical cleaners, get a great value and rest easy in your family’s assured health.


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What Do The Users Think?


After reopening our day-home we needed a product that sanitizes so our children are safe and parents are at peace of mind. We have replaced our cleaners with Cleango's and they work amazing and our safe for everyone. Really love it !!!


I love this make a good job,I clean my oven..and it has a lot of stain you just need to spray and let it sit for 5minutes. This is amazing.i Difinitely order again.


Amazing and no need to scrub super hard like with other cleaners.


I have been using the CleanGo GreenGo products for the past several months and they work wonders. I have used them on glass shower doors, tubs, toilet bowls and sinks. My husband uses products on our trucks too!

About CleanGo GreenGo

CleanGo GreenGo’s eco-friendly formulas have the power to eradicate the toughest spills and stains. Our ingredients are simple, but our patented process is complex, giving CleanGo GreenGo products unrivaled cleaning strength.

Through revolutionary green science breakthroughs, CleanGo GreenGo penetrates to the molecular level for a complete, deep clean. Our products are entirely safe, non-toxic, truly green and easy to use. Just spray it on, problem gone.

Clear your cupboard of those other toxic cleaners. Our range of patented cleaning products is designed for every household application. We’ve also developed powerful formulas for commercial applications and industry.

Get our full range of CleanGo GreenGo products today for a safer, cleaner environment. All while keeping our planet green. That’s CleanGo GreenGo

Everybody Benefits from
CleanGo GreenGo

CleanGo GreenGo’s products are safe for the whole family. Yet, non-toxic doesn’t have to mean ineffective. With molecular level deep-cleaning technology, our patented products have the power to tackle the toughest cleaning jobs.

Save work through the fast-acting power of CleanGo GreenGo, and free up your day for more family time. Your loved ones are protected by our non-toxic formulas.

With our pet-safe guarantee and leaping bunny certification, we’re taking care of our animal friends, too. Our products stay true to our environmentally-friendly mission.

Our green formulations are entirely safe and eco-friendly. We make cleaning less complicated while supporting the most important elements of all — our families, neighbors, and our planet’s ecosystem. Everybody benefits from CleanGo GreenGo.

Spend Less Time Cleaning And More
Time With Your Family

You’ll be amazed at the speed that grease, wine, dirt and grime are wiped away from kitchens, rugs counters and baths. We put our products to through rigorous testing so you don’t have to. Spray it on, problem gone! 


Visit CleanGo Innovations Inc, our parent company, to explore the exciting investor opportunities in the CleanGo family.

The Opportunity:

CleanGo GreenGo is the future of green cleaning products. Our business is safeguarded by an exclusive Patented formulation unique to Cleango GreenGoand our commitment tousing the best Green, Biodegradable and Non-Toxic ingredients on the market today. Visit for more information.


Not only has CleanGo developed an unparalleled Safe and Non Toxic cleaning product line to be used in a home, but have also produced commercial products currently being used at a wide range of hotels, restaurants and commercial cleaning companies. Most recently, the CleanGo formulations have been tested and approved for use in the Oil and Gas Sector resulting in the succesful launch of business in this industry.

The Reward:

Invest your money where your values are. Together we hope to grow CleanGo Innovations into a world leader in green technology.

See CleanGo in action!

Still not convinced? Check out our videos that demonstrate and prove our bold claims!

NPN#80101778 DIN#02509199 DIN#02509180 & DIN#02513021
Leaping Bunny Certified
Green Seal Certified