Fabric & Carpet Concentrate

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Experience Unmatched Cleaning Efficiency

Discover the revolutionary strength of CleanGo GreenGo’s Super Concentrate Refill, now available in environmentally friendly Tetra Pak packaging. Despite its compact size, this powerful formula delivers outstanding cleaning performance. Just a small amount goes a long way, making it ideal for both topping up your regular cleaning solution and tackling tough stains at higher concentrations. We recommend conducting a discreet spot test first—our concentrated formula is designed for serious cleaning tasks!

Embrace Savings and Sustainability

Opt for CleanGo GreenGo’s Concentrated Tetra Paks and enjoy considerable savings while reducing your environmental impact. These eco-conscious packages not only help save money but also significantly cut down on plastic waste, supporting your sustainable lifestyle.

Empowered by Advanced Science

Our non-toxic and eco-friendly formula leverages the power of emulsification to outperform traditional, harsh chemical-based cleaners. CleanGo GreenGo stands out for its commitment to safety and environmental responsibility, characterized by:

  • Non-toxic Composition ✔️: Safe for everyday use without harmful effects.
  • Bio-renewable Origins 🌱: Sourced from sustainable ingredients.
  • Pet and Child Safety 👪: Gentle enough for homes with furry friends and little ones.
  • Chemical-Free Cleaning 🚫: No harsh chemicals, no dangerous additives.
  • Biodegradable 🌍: Breaks down naturally without harming the environment.
  • No Butoxyethanol or Volatile Organic Compounds: Ensures cleaner air and safer surfaces in your home.
  • No Protective Gear Needed 🛡️: Safe to use without gloves or masks.

Safe and Effective Home Maintenance

With CleanGo GreenGo’s completely non-toxic formula, you can cleanse and maintain your home confidently, knowing that your family and pets are protected from ongoing chemical exposure.

Order Your CleanGo GreenGo Concentrate Today!

Make a lasting impact on your home and the planet with CleanGo GreenGo Concentrate. Refresh your spaces safely and sustainably—order now to start your journey towards a greener cleaning routine!