Fabric & Carpet Cleaner

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The Laundry Magician: Fabric & Carpet Cleaner

Banish stains and odors in an instant with our Fabric & Carpet Cleaner. Simply wave the bottle over the troubled area, give a spritz, and watch as blemishes and smells vanish as if by magic! ✨

Please note, this product is not intended for use on irksome neighbors or colleagues. 😊

CleanGo GreenGo's non-toxic, eco-friendly solution uses the power of emulsification to achieve results where other toxic cleaners falter.

Our formula is:

  • Non-toxic ✔️
  • Sourced from bio-renewable materials 🌱
  • Safe for pets and children 👪
  • Free of harsh chemicals and hazardous substances 🚫
  • Fully biodegradable 🌍
  • Contains no Butoxyethanol
  • Free from volatile organic compounds
  • Does not require protective gear 🛡️

Leveraging cutting-edge advancements in cleaning technology, CleanGo GreenGo operates on the molecular level to deeply penetrate and lift dirt and grime. Through emulsification, impurities are encapsulated and lifted, ensuring a thorough clean. And with its completely non-toxic composition, CleanGo GreenGo lets you refresh your space with the peace of mind that your family and pets are shielded from harmful chemicals!