Being known as the world's greatest green cleaning product is simply our reputation
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CleanGo GreenGo

We stand by our Green Cleaning products because they actually work. Not only do we help fight your day-to-day cleaning needs, but we’re also backed by an innovative formulation designed to conquer even the nastiest of cleaning battles. Our ingredients are simple, but our process is complex. Our products make cleaning less complicated all while supporting the most important element of it all – our environment.  

Why work so hard using other cleaning products that are harmful and toxic to your environment, your family and your pets? Also, why battle with other “green cleaners” that make you work double-time with no results?

The solution is here.

Our technology is unique and our products are fuelled through the power of emulsification. The results of our products are endless and we have gone to places where no other toxic cleaners have gone. We use only the greenest products blended to create today’s most effective non-toxic and non-caustic cleaner available. 

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Backed by revolutionary breakthroughs in cleaning science CleanGo GreenGo works at a molecular level to penetrate deeply for a 100% molecular level clean. Simply spray it on; problem gone.

Reclaim your space knowing your environment, your family and your pets are protected from exposure to harmful chemicals.

CleanGo GreenGo is completely non-toxic:



No harsh chemicals

No volatile organic compounds

No hazardous ingredients

100% biodegradable

No protective equipment

No butoxyethanol

Pet and child-friendly


Work smarter, not harder. That’s the CleanGo difference.