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Simply “Spray it on, Problem Gone”.

CleanGo GreenGo – Fabric and Carpet was designed to be a tough stain remover for clothes, upholstery, fabric and carpet. Strong enough to remove pet stains, grease, wine, and blood while remaining green and nontoxic, CleanGo GreenGo – Fabric and Carpet has been formulated with the concerned pet owner and parent in mind.

CleanGo GreenGo firmly believes that toxic cleaning products are a major cause of premature illness among the pets we love and has released this product in response to other non-toxic products that simply do no have the power to effectively remove urine and other stains.

Through the power of emulsification, nontoxic environmentally friendly CleanGo GreenGo succeeds where other toxic cleaners fail.

✔️ Non Toxic

✔️ Bio Renewable

✔️ Pet and Child Friendly

✔️ No Harsh Chemicals

✔️ No Hazardous Ingredients

✔️ Biodegradable

✔️ No Butoxyethanol

✔️ No Volatile Organic Compounds

✔️ No Protective Equipment Required

Backed by revolutionary breakthroughs in cleaning science CleanGo GreenGo works at a molecular level to penetrate deeply for a 100% molecular level clean. Then through the power of emulsification the filth is encapsulated and brought to the surface for a 100% molecular level clean. And because CleanGo GreenGo is completely non-toxic, you can reclaim your space knowing your family and your pets are protected from repeated exposure to harmful chemicals.

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Eco-Friendly 32oz Spray Bottle

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Weight 2.2 lbs
Dimensions 3.5 × 3.5 × 12 in