Investor Opportunities

Together We Can Build A Cleaner Greener Future
For Future Generations To Enjoy

The Opportunity

CleanGo GreenGo is the future of green cleaning products. Our business is safeguarded by an exclusive Patented formulation unique to Cleango GreenGoand our commitment tousing the best Green, Biodegradable and Non-Toxic ingredients on the market today. Visit for more information.


Not only has CleanGo developed an unparalleled Safe and Non Toxic cleaning product line to be used in a home, but have also produced commercial products currently being used at a wide range of hotels, restaurants and commercial cleaning companies. Most recently, the CleanGo formulations have been tested and approved for use in the Oil and Gas Sector resulting in the succesful launch of business in this industry.

The Reward

Invest your money where your values are. Together we hope to grow CleanGo Innovations into a world leader in green technology.


Developed and inspired through the power of emulsification, our nontoxic and environmentally friendly CleanGo GreenGo products are proven superior over toxic and harmful cleaners.

Backed by revolutionary breakthroughs in cleaning science, CleanGo GreenGo works at a molecular level to penetrate deeply for maximum results. We utilize innovative green cleaning technologies, blending only the greenest products to produce the most effective non-toxic and non-caustic cleaner on the market today

Spend Less Time Cleaning And More
Time With Your Family

We make shopping for CleanGo easy and convenient for your busy life.

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