LP Residential

Completely Clean. Completely Green.

Clean Go Green Go is Your New Go-To

We are breaking the mold (and killing mold) with the first safe and natural cleaning product that cleans and sanitizes better than the popular brands in your store’s cleaning aisle (move over Mr. C***n).

You read that right… a natural product that actually works!

Family Safe

Our 100% safe formula won’t cause skin or respiratory irritation and contains no VOC’s or harsh solvents.

Pet Safe

Non-toxic and free of harsh chemicals, our products are proudly safe for even your furry family members.

Planet Safe

We only have one planet, and we are protecting it with bio-renewable and biodegradable ingredients.

Color Safe

With no harsh detergents or bleaching agents, our products won’t discolor carpets and fabrics.

The One Cleaner to Rule Them All.

In three great blends, so you don’t have to carry the bottle around the house – trust us, you’ll want one in every room!

The Complete Package: Value Pack!

Oh yeah, this one checks all the boxes. Tough, sensitive, loves pets and kids, cares about the environment, cleans the house. Best of all? Totally available.

Our value pack includes three specially formulated bottles to tackle all household jobs + one bottle of concentrate that will refill two 32 floz bottles!

Only $49.99!

* some conditions apply

The Total Purpose: Kitchen & Bathroom Genie

Poof! Germs are gone with our Total Purpose Cleaner. Did we mention it’s natural and it sanitizes? Next time you say you could eat off the floors you will be telling the truth! (But that would still be weird, so maybe don’t.)

The Laundry Magician: Fabric & Carpet

Got a stain, or a weird smell? Not anymore, you don’t. Just wave the bottle of Fabric & Carpet Cleaner over the affected area as you press the spray trigger and they’ll disappear… like magic! Not for use on annoying neighbours or coworkers.

The Extreme Machine: Industrial

Maybe put our Industrial Cleaner one “conveniently” in the garage or hobby shop. It might just get your significant other to clean something… It might not, but hey, we tried! Either way, this sucker will take care of ANYTHING. It’s even rated for commercial use, with anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, and anti-viral properties.

The Little One: Refill Concentrate

The bottle might be little, here’s a hint: You don’t need much. Our Super Concentrate Refill can be diluted to refill all your other bottles, or in higher concentrations on your toughest cleaning projects. Just maybe test it in a hidden spot first… this baby is tough!

Meet the 
Grime Fighter

Green spandex and purple gloves… maybe not the most fashion-forward outfit, but at least our cleaning hero is comfortable without external validation!

Just like the Grime Fighter, we are unapologetically merging science and nature to create green cleaning products that work!

Talk Science to me

It isn’t easy being green, as Kermit the Frog so aptly put it. We wanted to make sure we went far beyond simply being labelled green, and we are proud to be one of the safest and gentlest products available for use around humans and pets, while still being the most powerful green cleaner on the market today. Do you like science? Read our Material Safety Data Sheet for more info.